Government Assists Poultry Farmers

| May 25, 2015

Director of the Department of Animal Health and Production, Dr Phillemon Motsu has said although the poultry industry has grown tremendously in the country, only the large scale producers’ have benefitted.

Speaking at the 6th Letsema held in Maun recently, Dr Motsu said government has since approved a strategy to resuscitate small scale-poultry production in the country.

“Poultry production in Botswana has grown relatively well to a point where the nation is self-sufficient in poultry meat and table eggs. However, this growth is skewed in favour of large scale poultry producers at the demise of small-scale producers,” he said.

The strategy, he said, put measures in place to ensure a balanced growth in the industry, catering for all levels of production.

Dr Motsu noted that small scale poultry farmers faced challenges of high costs of feed, lack of reliable market and lack of knowledge on poultry production.

He said the Poultry Liaison Committee, which was temporarily formed had been formalised to address the small scale poultry producers’ challenges.

The small scale poultry producers have been aised to form clusters in their respective regions, which he said were doing well by far. Furthermore, Dr Motsu said the small scale poultry producers were given a waiver to buy feeds from neighbouring countries when they are cheaper than locally.

He said government was in the process to put in place slaughter houses for poultry around the country.

Dr Motsu also pointed out that the government procurement system supports small-scale poultry producers through buying from outlets such as cooperative abattoirs and other outlets identified through the Botswana Poultry Association (BPA).

Some of the farmers in attendance commented that the slaughter houses were a welcome development, noting that they currently slaughter their produce under bad conditions such as under trees.

For his part, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr Micus Chimbombi encouraged participants to take the Letsema event seriously.He said Letsema is a platform for farmers and officers to make resolutions for continuous engagement.

Also, he said there should be improvement in all agricultural sectors through-out the year before the next Letsema event. Dr Chimbombi also encouraged farmers to strengthen their associations for their members to be empowered to develop agriculture in the country.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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