Government to Electrify Okavango Kgotlas

| May 8, 2015

Okavango Sub-district Council chairman, Mr Anderson Kambimba, has told residents of Sepopa that an arrangement has been made between tribal administration and councils to electrify all kgotla offices in the district.

Responding to some comments during a kgotla meeting, he said the council had been mandated to undertake the project and promised them that it would commence soon.

He told residents that he was aware of challenges faced by most of the tribal administration offices and stressed on the need to give tribal offices a face lift should funds permit.

Earlier on the village chief, Kgosi Nkape Rankosa complained about the status of his office and shortage resources and no power. He highlighted that the situation hindered their efforts towards productivity in the work place.

He said some kgotla offices had been upgraded and electrified. He also complained about office space noting that he shared with his subordinates.

Village Development Committee (VDC) member, Ms Nkape Moipedi shared the same sentiments noting that in other villages tribal administration had constructed spacious offices which gives employees dignity.

She said in their village kgosi was not executing his duties as expected because there was no privacy as he shared the office with the chief representative.

On other issues, she requested that a post office be opened in Sepopa so that they could access services closer. Ms Moipedi revealed that the village has grown and caters for more surrounding villages such as Kajaja, Nxamasere, Tsodilo and settlements.

She said the post office now days have a variety of services which the community wants to benefit from them. VDC also requested for the upgrading of the village clinic. Ms Moipedi said in the past years they were promised that the clinic would be upgraded and have a maternity wing.

She said currently pregnant women end up delivering at homes because they travel as far as Shakawe to access health services. She also complained about shortage of classes at primary school and a vehicle at junior school adding teachers end up using their personal cars to take students to health facilities.

However, the council chairman, Mr Kambimba explained that they have are attending issues of shortage of accommodation in the district citing that they have come up with phase 2 program which maintain all staff houses.

He said as soon as the budget and other logistics are finalized the project would commence. Mr Kambimba also indicated that it had been realized that maintenance of schools which was completed recently was of low quality and the council management had agreed to strengthen supervision and monitoring in other projects to be undertaken.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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