Govt Addresses Water, Energy Challenges

| June 11, 2015

Government is committed to addressing the challenges of water and energy shortages bedeviling the country, among other issues, the Minister of Trade and Industry Mr Vincent Seretse told a kgotla meeting in Thamaga recently.

Mr Seretse said although the economy was still emerging from the woods, government was committed to ensuring economic growth by encouraging local and foreign direct investors to assist in the country’s water and electricity crisis. He said water was a basic human need while a stable power sector was required in industries and other aspects of life as such the government was willing to do more to bring stability to the two sectors.

He said government was however constrained by the erosion of the buying power of western economies which are the main consumers of diamonds – Botswana’s economic mainstay.

Responding to comments from some of the residents, minister Seretse said through a study on customer service, Batswana complained that civil servants were discourteous when discharging services to the public.

He said such behavior was not good for customers and government, especially the elderly because it has the potential to taint government’s service delivery processes and erode confidence in the public service.

He said for the economy to grow, colleges and universities must produce graduates who match the local industry demands and avert a situation whereby investors have to import expensive skills because the locals would be lacking the requisite knowledge.

Mr Seretse encouraged the residents to utilise economic empowerment programmes such as CEDA, LEA, cooperatives, EDD, Botswana Investment Authority, and the Department of International Trade, among others, to start their own businesses.

On the old aged and youth getting a lion’s share in terms of government programmes at the expense of other sections of the society, he said government would never design discriminatory programmes.

He thus encouraged those who were neither young nor old to utilise programmes such as LIMID or ISPAAD meant for them.In his closing Remarks, area Member of Parliament Mr Tshenolo Mabeo said government was committed to ensuring that government programmes benefitted the right people hence the minister’s efforts to interact with Batswana for feedback and understanding of how best to assist them.

He said when the livelihoods of Batswana were better, the national economy would perform better, adding that water challenges in Thamaga were due to dilapidated water structures and the expansion of the village into higher grounds.

He said the completion of the North-South Water Project would solve the water challenges once and for all.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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