Govt Keen to Develop Arts

| May 4, 2015

Government has made efforts to protect intellectual property in the creativity sector so that oweners can reap rewards for their labour through the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights act.

The former Assistant Minister of Trade Industry and patron of Botswana Music Union (BOMU), Keletso Rakhudu said this when officiating at the World Intellectual Property day in Maun recently.

Rakhudu said the establishment of the Copy Right Society of Botswana (COSBOTS) made positive strides to collect and distribute royalties to the beneficiaries, with musicians having benefitted twice since its inception.

He also implored artistes to be organised and complement government’s efforts to ensure the artistic industry was well developed. Rakhudu said it was disheartening that some people worked against government efforts of promoting arts and their benefits to the makers.

He noted that there was large scale of buying and selling pirated works, which robbed the producers of their works. Rakhudu said those involved in copying and distributing as well as selling other people’s works without their consent were committing a crime.

He encouraged Batswana to shun pirated products for them to lack a market and was hopeful that perpetrators would stop the act. Rakhudu noted that in some countries in Africa, music was a highest contributor to economy, which he said was worth nurturing in Botswana.

For his part, the director of compliance and Awareness from Companies and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA), Ntesang Sebetso noted that piracy was rife in Maun.

Sebetso said the fact that about 500 pirated CDs and Ds were confiscated from hawkers and some businesses in Maun in a period of an hour in a campaign that was carried prior to the World Intellectual day showed the seriousness of piracy.

She said people should know that it was illegal to buy pirated music which was evidenced by a lack of a hologram on the CDs. The 3rd World Intellectual Property day was celebrated in Maun to raise awareness to the Maun community.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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