Goya Decries Education Pitfalls

| May 15, 2015

Government is not getting the return on investments, Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development, Mr Moiseraele Goya has said.

He told a kgotla meeting in Ramotswa on May 13 that “government is committed to the education of this country, but we are not getting the return on investment,” Mr Goya said, adding that although billions were channeled in the sector every year, students’ academic performance remains deplorable.

In recent primary school leaving examinations, Mr Goya said out of the 42 700 students, only 29 615 managed to get either A, B, C or better. While out of 40 559 students who sat for junior certificate, only 14 045 managed to pass with A, B, C or better and the remaining failed.

As for Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education, 37 384 students set for the exams and only 5843 passed while the rest performed dismally. He noted that the results are contrary to the budget that the ministry gets, hence pleaded with residents to take interest in their children’s education.

Cases of student misbehavior, he noted, are rampant in schools and pleaded with parents and guardians to instill discipline at home. Mr Goya said children who are taught right values and morals at home are likely to uphold those, even at their respective schools.

Further, he said education is the best tool for poverty eradication, fight unemployment and diseases. Mr Goya also noted that governement is aware of challenges facing the profession such as issues of overtime, accommodation shortage and hours of operation.

He said government continues to engage teachers and trade unions to seek remedy for the challenges. “Trade unions and teachers are not enemies of government, we regard them as stakeholders in development,” he added.

For their part, residents cited poor working relations between teachers and government, shortage of accommodation, student-teacher ratio, lack of commitment by teachers and lack of commitment by parents on their children’s education as factors inhibiting performance.

The area MP Mr Samuel Rantuana said most of the youth still shun brigades although the industry would prefer brigades’ graduates due to their acumen. He said there was need for the improvement of meals for students at primary school to match that at junior schools.

Furthermore, Mr Rantuana regretted that drugs still find their way to schools premises and blamed some parents for such.

After addressing the kgotla meeting, minister Goya addressed Kagiso Senior Secondary School staff where he encouraged them to move the school from the 14.2 pass rate.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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