Health Ministry Has Not Terminated Consultant Contract

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Contract for the consultant, who was engaged by the government to draft the guidelines for alcohol and substance abuse framework has not been terminated, the Assistant Minister of Health, Dr Alfred Madigele has said.

Answering a question in Parliament, Dr Madigele explained that government was having challenges as deliverables for the contract had not been met and the issue was still under discussion. He said in 2013, government approved the establishment of a specialised alcohol and drug treatment and rehabilitation facility.

Dr Madigele said, “subsequent to that, a consultancy to develop a National Framework for Alcohol and Substance Abuse in Botswana was aertised that year and awarded to a local consultancy firm in 2014.”

The terms of reference included amongst others providing a scope, intervention and setting of the proposed national alcohol and substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation centre including facilities needed, equipment, manpower and competencies, he said.

The framework documents were expected in June 2014, and the next step would have been the establishment of the centre.

Dr Madigele was answering a question from the Member of Parliament for Gabane-Mmankgodi, Major General Pius Mokgware, who had asked the Minister of Health when an alcohol and substance abuse rehabilitation facility will be set up and why the contract of the consultant who was engaged to draft the guidelines for alcohol and substance abuse was terminated.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News