Health System Grows

| April 28, 2015

The acting Minister of Health, Dr Alfred Madigele says the health system has over the years grown with primary healthcare as its cornerstone.

Officially opening the first Stoma Clinic on Saturday, Dr Madigele said as a result, the health system had been amongst the best performing in developing countries in health outcomes and human development indices.

He said in pursuit of quality and safe healthcare services, the government had invested in health infrastructure and built facilities that delivered services at different levels of care. “The developments have also ensured that healthcare services are within reach of our communities,” he said.

The acting minister said the process of establishing the clinic had taken over eight years, and that it was made possible with the help of a public-private-partnership from Orthosurge Botswana to procure medical equipment and furnishing the clinic.

Orthosurge Botswana, in conjunction with Coloplast had also helped in the training of nurses and doctors on stoma care, he added. He said the practice of medicine had become more specialised, and that the approach to healthcare was multidisciplinary with patients benefitting from opinions of different health care professionals.

“Overtime best practice centres worldwide saw it befitting to establish a stoma and continence clinic to improve the care of people with stoma, and Princess Marina Hospital has been working hard to see people with stoma living positively to get back to routine daily activities including social and lifestyle activities,” he said.

Princess Marina Hospital superintendent, Dr Kelebogile Motumise said stoma was a surgical opening on the abdomen to divert waste products and urine through the opening which was then collected into a bag.

He noted that to some patients, having a bag could be a life changing experience, and that the clinic intended to close the gap through rehabilitation and counselling.

Dr Motumise added that for the past few years, the hospital had a few challenges with regard to the requisite expertise, resources, as well as space to look after patient with stoma.

“We are happy that through corporate social responsibility, Orthosurge Botswana and Colopast South Africa have always been friends of Marina and partnered with us to provide comprehensive care with better outcomes and living for our patients,” he said.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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