Hugh, Socca Kickstart Mascom Live Sessions

| April 28, 2015

The Mascom Live Sessions were, on April 24, back at BotswanaCraft, and this time around, it was none other than the legendary South African jazz maestro, Hugh Masekela and Botswana’s very own Socca Moruakgomo, who did the honors of starting off this year’s event.

As it is custom with Mascom Live Sessions, tickets were sold out and the crowd was amazing as two of the most recognised jazz artists did what they do best in music.

Hugh Masekela is not new to Botswana and he has performed in the country a multiple of times and he has always brought his A game to every performance, and this time around it was no different.

As he did at the inaugural Hamptons Live Jazz Festival at Duma FM Grounds last year when he blew the crowd away with his stage antics, the man never disappoints.

Even though Bra Hugh, as he is popularly known to his legion of fans, in comparison to Moruakgomo, stands well above his counterpart both have achieved a lot in their respective careers, and the men did justice to their fans on the night.

Fans of both artists surely enjoyed both performances and made sure to sing and dance to every note and melody that was being dished out to the crowd that had come despite the chilly Friday evening.

Well over seventy years old, Bra Hugh has proved that he is getting better with age and his stage presence is something a lot of these other younger artists lack.

Moruakgomo, who studied music in the Botswana army, The Royal School of Music in the United Kingdom and New York’s Juilliard School of Music, has had his fair share of success and has collaborated with amazing artists on his projects.

Having credited his album titled Your Smile that he launched a couple of years back at BotswanaCraft with finding his sound, he has not looked back.

Moruakgomo indicated then that the Afro jazzy album was recorded in South Africa with the country’s respected session musicians, such as percussionist Godfrey Mgcina, and accordion, harp and organ player, Mthandeni Mvelase, while Kalahari, his previous mbaqanga driven album was recorded in Amsterdam and Paris.

He has continued to woe his fans with his music countrywide and he keeps on getting better every time he steps on stage.

Speaking in an interview during the performances, Managing Director of Botswana Craft Oliver Groth said people should always expect to notch entertainment when they come to BotswanaCraft.

“We will continue to encourage and support local talent and also bringing international acts here for the enjoyment of music fans,” he said.

He indicated that entertainment in Botswana had risen tremendously and Batswana should support them.

“Next up we will be hosting the Orange Letlhafula Day and we expect people to come enjoy local cuisines and entertainment,” he said.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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