Informal Sector to Keep Bus Rank Clean

| May 18, 2015

Members of the Francistown informal sector have been aised to keep their areas of operation clean and tidy at all the times.

Skip Hire branch manager -north, Mr Thwabi Tubbie said this on May 15 when addressing informal traders on the use of the waste skip only for lawful purposes.

Mr Tubbie mentioned that he had a contract with Francistown Town Council to collect on the waste polluting the central business district environment and urged them to take care of their working environment to keep the city clean.

He said the idea was to take the skip nearer to the people and discourage laziness of walking a distance to dump waste. Mr Tubbie highlighted that they will do their best to assess any possible risks for users.

Mr Tubbie further said the purpose of a clean environment is to generate more customers and also attract more investors to invest in the town. The issue of waste management at the bus rank area became heated as vendors wanted to each talk at the same time which caused the meeting to get out of control.

One of the street vendors, Mr Khumalo Maxwell explained that the bus rank was being polluted by one of the bus drivers because he has turned the place into a garage. Ms Matshipi Masuke raised a concern that the area was polluted by people who came to buy in Francistown and leave their takeaways and left overs lying around.

Ms Taboka Meshack complained that there were no free toilets at bus rank which caused people to relieve themselves in open spaces surrounding bus rank. She said this was a health hazard to them and to their customers who come to buy from their stalls.

Ms Meshack added that some customers were aggressive and do not cooperate in terms proper waste management.

On other issues, Mr Michael Dubulu said it was impossible to get rid of waste because there were no dust bins in place for use and he also noted that council had stopped the provision of dustbins, yet are complaining about littering.

He suggested that to keep the area clean they should work as sections to keep specific areas in the bus rank clean.

Mr Tubbie informed them that all issues raised would be handled by the council and police officers. He, however, stated that his main objective was to team up with the informal sector to keep the central business area clean.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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