Initiative Addresses Tyre Management Practices

| May 22, 2015

Targets that Orapa Letlhakane and Damtshaa Mines (OLDM) have set for themselves through diamond on wheels initiative are achievable.

Head of mining at OLDM, Mr Thuso Mogotsi, said this during the launch of the diamond on wheels initiative in Orapa on May 20. Mr Mogotsi said the initiative would address the cost and the safe usage of tyres to boost the safe production of diamonds.

He said if not well managed, tyres could be a safety hazard, adding that a premature tyre puncture might burst sending shrapnel all over, resulting in injuries to the personnel within the vicinity.

Mr Mogotsi noted that operations within the group, De Beers and Anglo, such as Venetia, Mogalakwena and Sichen were doing better in terms of tyre life than OLDM.

In his welcome remarks, the acting general manager of OLDM, Mr Bakani Motlhabani said it was important to highlight that past performance on tyres had challenged them and created a burning platform for them to look at different ways of doing things.

Diamonds on wheels, he said, was a change initiative focusing on best practices, processes and standards. Mr Motlhabani said the launch was aimed at creating common understanding of where OLDM was in terms of tyre management practices and performance in relation to industry best practice.

Again, he said, it looked into what opportunities lie ahead and actions ought to be done to achieve the goal of tyre life exceeding 6000 hours by 2018.

“We operate in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous market environment, in such a world, efficient mining is a lever to superior performance, distinguishing those who prosper and those who go under,” he said.

The importance of the launch and the full tyre management programme, he said, could not be over-emphasised, urging the attendants to pull together to conserve tyres for efficient mining in designs, plans and daily operational activities.

The senior mining manager, Mr Mogakolodi Maoketsa said a tyre life improvement journey map was developed to take OLDM tyre performance from the current state.

Mr Maoketsa said this was done through three stages with a number of milestones to a desired best practice stage, where all tyre related key performance indicators would be achieved consistently on a business as usual basis.

He said the baseline revealed key issues that needed to be improved including lack of appropriate site based tyre management strategy, inadequate organisational structure to effectively manage tyres and high premature tyre failures leading to extensive rubber loss among others.

He stated that through retrospect and root cause analysis, the tyre improvement journey map was populated with key activities and significant milestones were achieved.

Mr Maoketsa said these included development of tyre management strategy, alignment of the organisational structure to support tyre management and injection of capital for support equipment among others.

The intention of the journey, he said, was to energise people to make them understand their role and the benefits that could be achieved through their individual and collective efforts, thereby motivating them to change their behaviour in support of tyre conservation.

The journey, he said, was far from being over, however with dedicated individuals that are afforded appropriate support, the goal of 6000hrs by 2018 is well within reach.

Diamonds on wheels was an answer to a problem that was causing sleepless nights for management at OLDM, he said.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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