Ipelegeng Not for Youth – Ngaka

| May 4, 2015

Takatokwane MP, Mr Ngaka Ngaka, says it is disheartening for students not to take their education seriously with the intention of leaning back on Ipelegeng after they fail.

Speaking during a kgotla meeting in Kaudwane recently, Mr Ngaka informed the residents that Ipelegeng should not be for the youth as they were expected to be either at school or utilising other government programmes such as the Youth Development Fund.

He said it was unacceptable for the youth to be competing for Ipelegeng posts with the elderly and urged the youth to liaise with the relevant government offices to learn on government programmes that could create employment for them.

He said the issue of high youth unemployment at Kaudwane confirmed what teachers at Lempu Junior Secondary School in Salajwe, where Kaudwane students were admitted, had been saying about students from that village not taking their education seriously, but only engaging in drug and alcohol abuse.

Mr Ngaka also encouraged parents to take the education of their children seriously, saying that it was not government’s desire to see many youth graduating into Ipelegeng. Mr Ngaka also urged residents of Kaudwane to learn to be independent rather than leaving everything to government.

He was responding to Kaudwane Village Development Committee chairperson, Mr Mphonyana Kelebogeng who reported that there were a lot of youth aged between 18-30 years engaged in Ipelegeng in his village. He added that they often complain when their three months period expires.

He asked government departments to engage the youth in other programmes such as the government internship programme to relief congestion at Ipelegeng. On other issues, Mr Kelebogeng raised a concern that some pensioners who stay at cattle posts surrounding Kaudwane cannot access their pension allowance because of the distance.

He also said that the BotswanaPost takes long to avail their coupons, which sometimes forces the pensioners to go as far as Letlhakeng. Mr Kelebogeng also complained about parents who have the tendency of taking their school going children back into the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

For her part, the constituency’s programmes officer, Ms Refilwe Tlhobogang condemned the tendency by some youth who have been funded under the Youth Development Fund to abandon their projects, which often contributes to the high unemployment rate among the youth in the village.

In his welcome remarks, Kgosi Tsholo Segwaba complained of water shortage in the village, especially after the Water Utilities Corporation closed down eight stand pipes. He said the corporation had also not availed the coupons they promised, adding that with water being vital to the lives of people, they are forced to go back into the CKGR.

He also discouraged the people from the practice of vandalising the few stand pipes that still operate in the village as this would exacerbate the water shortage problem. Mr Ngaka informed him that he would soon have a meeting with the Water Utilities Corporation management on the issue and would give due feedback soon.

Currently, MP Ngaka is touring his constituency to inform the electorates about the issues that were discussed at the last parliamentary sitting.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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