Jaas Hails Tirelo Setshaba

| June 4, 2015

Development of young people remains government priority.

Government is also keen on ensuring that young people play a significant role in the development of the country and in decision making processes.

Just recently, government introduced the Botswana National Service Programme commonly referred to as Tirelo Sechaba, which came about as a realization that youth unemployment was increasingly becoming a major challenge, therefore bringing along vulnerability in terms of poverty, disease and other social ills.

Young people’s involvement in different community programmes does not only keep them positively engaged but also make them productive members of the society and Tirelo Sechaba is no exception.

Molly Jaas is a young fellow who hails from McCarthy’s Rust, a remote area in the outskirts of Tsabong who did not think twice before enrolling for Tirelo Sechaba upon hearing about it from a programme officer in the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture.

In an interview, Jaas said Tirelo Setshaba has been a relief from the anxieties brought about by unemployment especially lack of financial freedom.

“Before I became a Tirelo Sechaba participant, I looked up to my parents for financial support. My parents did not only support me, they also extended their support to my two children. You can only imagine the financial strain and stress they had to go through. Ever since I enrolled as a Tirelo Sechaba participant, things have since changed for the better, I am now in a state that allows me to contribute financially towards the welfare of my family,” she said.

Jaas said financial freedom is not the only good thing that Tirelo Sechaba has brought her. She also said the programme has stimulated in her the spirit of volunteerism and community participation, citing that she constantly aises other youth in her area on matters that affect them at both individual and community level.

She added that she always provides members of her community with information pertaining to the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture especially on matters related to youth affairs, youth programmes and initiatives. Also, she said that she plays a part in promoting collaborative efforts between all youth in Kgalagadi south.

Also, the youthful Jaas said the program has enabled her to develop good work ethics as well as gain employment experience.

“The programme has played a pivotal role in preparing me for the work environment. I know that in execution of my duties, conduct is very important. I have to act in a good manner because I represent the government. I also know that I have to at all costs avoid corruption in order to win and maintain public confidence,” Jaas proudly said.

For Jaas, Tirelo Sechaba has also been a platform to gain skills and competencies that will enable her to make a positive contribution to the development of her community. She confidently said that she will use the knowledge and skills to turn around the lives of many individuals who are living in the hard-hit by poverty McCarthy’s Rust in the future. She eventually wants to build an orphanage and an old-age home right in the poverty-struck McCarthy’s Rust.

“Since I became a Tirelo Sechaba participant, I have been given a responsibility of informing my community with services offered by the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture. It is also my responsibility to inform myself on issues related to the Ministry such as its objectives, government policies, current NDP, Vision 2016 and many others to make sure that I am in a good position to give members of my community correct information about the Ministry at all times. This also enables me to better serve the public,” she explained.

Challenges are also experienced in the Tirelo Setshaba sojourn, as Jaas experiences.

“When I started my participation in Tirelo Sechaba, I operated from the Kgotla.The Kgotla was and still is constructed in a circular shape using mapako, with no roof and no shelter. This posed a threat to my work and productivity as I had to skip work during unfavourable weather conditions. You would not expect me to come to work when it was raining or when there were g winds. These conditions often stalled my work process until the Village Development Committee decided to lend me a room at their offices,” she said.

Another challenge she said, was lack of transport as there is no formal transport in McCarthy’s Rust.

Even though there are challenges, Jaas aises that those challenges should be turned into opportunities and aised other Tirelo Sechaba Participants to keep pushing forth and surpass their challenges, saying that Tirelo Sechaba, as the name implies means working for the public and has some component of volunteerism, discipline and patriotism.

Some of the expectations are that having gone through the programme, young people will be more adaptable to on the job training, have the discipline to come to work on time, have a positive attitude and be able to make a difference in their own lives.

According to Programmme officer in the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture and Jaas’ supervisor, Ms Lucy Monyatsi, the above descriptions are befitting of Jaas.

She described her as an individual who executes her duties well with minimal supervision and can meet deadlines.

Ms Monyatsi said ever since Jaas started her participation, she has always upheld a positive attitude towards Tirelo Sechaba and her offices has never received complaints about her.

She portrayed her as a disciplined person who is time conscious, energetic and a good ambassador of the Ministry.

“Generally, Jaas is a well-mannered person and always handles herself in a manner that is in line with prescription of the Public Service Charter. Honestly, she is a good example to other youth and other Tirelo Sechaba participants and I am proud to say that my office takes pride in her and respects her very much. Her contribution to the Ministry is highly appreciated,” Ms Monyatsi said.


Source : Botswana Daily News

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