Kazungula Project Needs Attention of All Security Agents

| May 18, 2015

Botswana and Zambia security agents have been aised to jointly address security challenges associated with a large scale project such as Kazungula Bridge.

Speaking at the BotswanaZambia Interstate regional public security meeting on May 15 in Kasane, Botswana Police Service divisional commander (North), Senior Assistant Commissioner Dinah Marathe emphasised the need to maintain security and reputation of both countries.

“This calls upon us to develop a joint strategy that would enable us to repel all criminal wrong doings and social ills that could surface as nationals of different countries might throng the area seeking job opportunities and other income avenues,” she said.

On other issues, Ms Marathe called for security strategies and programmes that were water tight and responsive to do more with less, in the face of dwindling resources.

She noted that while they were both experiencing resource constraints, there was a worrying tendency to over amplify such constraints to the point that they became paralytic in their interventions.

“I, however, call for a positive attitude as this environment will strengthen our ability to explore new and effective interventions in dealing with the ever changing criminal environment,” she aised. Also, she indicated that cross border crimes continued to be rampant, and thus called for concerted efforts.

“Currently we are experiencing an undesirable situation in our region where groups of armed perpetrators come into contact with security agents during poaching incidents,” she noted, adding such incidents led to some agents being shot at.

Nonetheless, Ms Marathe said she was satisfied with the continued excellent relations between the two countries.

That, she noted, was signified by the continued commitment to meeting on annual basis to exchange information on security matters pertinent to both countries as well as the frequent high level exchange of visits at various levels of structures of both governments.

She further underscored the need for crime reduction adding it would always be top priority in the law enforcement agenda.

“As a region, we should strive to continuously improve the way we do business in order to guarantee a service that delights or meet customer expectations at all times,” Marathe said.

She thanked her Zambian counterparts for ensuring that crime levels remained manageable across the region.

The meeting aimed to, among others, refine strategies, set milestones and review progress on the two countries’ cooperation.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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