Kgale JSS Raises Banner for PWDs

| May 12, 2015

The special education coordinator for Kgale Hill Junior Secondary School (JSS), Ms Gaolatolwe Israel, says she is at a loss why other schools do not admit learners with disabilities.

Ms Gaolotolwe said, although they embraced and welcomed students with disabilities at their school, they were afraid that soon they would not be able to admit them due to resource limitations. She said the fact that they received students from as far as Ramotswa, was clear evidence that some schools were reluctant to enroll disabled students.

Ms Israel registered her complaint at the family fun day fundraising activity dedicated to raising funds for the construction of a disability educational facility estimated at P300 000.

“The facility is a class of porta cabins to house 40 students, a computer room, an office space, toilets, and a storage room, she said, adding that they wanted their learners to have a sense of dignity by being provided with a decent place to study as opposed to the current situation.”

When welcoming the guest of honour, the headmaster for Kgale Hill JSS said he was fortunate to have a team of passionate staff members that was willing to take such an endeavor.

He said he was optimistic that their needs would be met as they were driven by the passion and love for teaching the disabled students. He said they understood that government could not afford to assist and as such they have taken it upon themselves to erect the facility through the support of the business community and society in general.

He said mostly their students included auditory learners, which meant students who understood more through listening and were unable to read and write as expected in the current educational system, where reading and writing is emphasized.

She said mostly such students were capable of passing if provided with readers and writers during examinations.

“Mostly such students are gifted and perform exceptionally well in vocational skills. We do our best to make sure that they unleash such skills in our life skills programs where they are taught cookery, Quilting and patchwork, crocheting and neatwork, so that they are able to sustain themselves after completion of their studies.

The principal thanked the sponsor who have so far contributed to their call namely, Global print, Orange Botswana, Gaborone Sun International, Botswana Daily news and Gabz fm. He appealed for any kind of assistance and ideas from interested persons, which may assist in reaching their objective.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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