Kgaphamadi Primary Proves Mettle

| May 5, 2015

Kgaphamadi Primary School in Ghanzi excelled in the 2014 Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) proving its mettle in the PSLE examinations.

Kgaphamadi, which was established to be an inclusive school and the only school in the region with a special education department, hosted their third successive victory party after consistently leading the Ghanzi region in the primary school leaving examinations three times since 2012.

The school head, Mr Zibo Tabona, said his school had grown considerably over the years in terms of learning abilities and the number of students that enrolled with the school.

He said this year’s 80 per cent pass rate, like achievements before it, belied the current enrolment of the school which is now more than its carrying capacity forcing some of the classes to be conducted under trees.

He said his school opened its doors in 2002 with only 220 students and that in 2015 they had a 650 student enrolment which has led to shortage of classrooms.

The government has helped them with a double story block of classrooms which was to be completed in May but due to some challenges the contractor did not manage to finish the project on time due to the heavy rains that hit the Ghanzi area the project is now expected to be complete before the end of year.

Mr Tabona said they had been celebrating their victory parties at the same time with their prize giving day, adding that this year they took a decision to separate the two so that the victory party should be visible and stand out for the public to know that his school was leading.

He said this year they were targeting a pass rate of 95 per cent, and that the the school had a dedicated team of teachers and parents who will make it possible to reach their target.

The parent’s teacher association (PTA) chairperson Ms Lekgatlamang Makale said the school was doing well because of good relationship between parents and teachers.

She said parents paid frequent visits to the school to discuss student’s performance with the teachers and not only to come and collect performance reports.

The chief education officer Mr Brown Sethapelo said good performance did not come by luck, rather by hard work and dedication of the school management and parents.

He applauded the school management for working even during weekends, saying that showed commitment in their work. He said despite the challenges faced by the school such as that of the shortage of classrooms, the school continued to excel, adding that it enjoyed the good performance due parents’ cooperation and commitment to their children’s education.

Mr Gabalaiwe Ramoshibidu from the department of Water Affairs said his department came into partnership with Kgaphamadi Primary School after they had conducted a research to find out which school was conserving water in the township and it came out that the school was conserving water better than others.

He said the other reason they came across the school was that the school was performing well and they wanted to be part of the good performance of the school and thus help it to do even better.

Mr. Ramoshibidu presented some presents to the school which included a trophy, water bottles, and stationery in order to help them prepare for the coming examinations.

When giving a vote of thanks, councilor for Mereting ward, Mr Bojelo David said parents and teachers should take responsibility and encourage their children to take their education seriously.

He encouraged the children to be committed and consistent in their school work even when they went to higher levels of education such as junior and senior schools, and refrain from any activity that will distract their concentration in their studies.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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