Khama to Use His Powers in Land Allocation

| April 13, 2015

Residents of localities in close proximity to cities need quotas when it comes to allocation of residential plots, President Lt Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama has said.

Addressing a kgotla meeting at Morwa in Kgatleng District recently, he said because of its proximity to the city, Morwa and other nearby villages faced encroachment from people who wanted to settle in the city and were unable to get plots because of limited land in Gaborone.

President Khama said because plots were aertised and opened to all Batswana, it was never a guarantee that residents from that locality will get a plot, and as such he promised to use his powers to direct land boards to give priority to residents of such a locality.

He said he was aware that it is a democratic right for one to choose where ever they want live in Botswana, but noted that government is similarly obliged to assist residents of nearby villages to secure land.

On other issues, the President said social safety programmes such as Ipelegeng or empowerment schemes were created for keeping many Batswana out of poverty during recession in the face of limited job market.

Lt Gen. Khama said Ipelegeng programme had not only helped unemployed Batswana make a living through the allowance, but had also helped in development of local communities by putting up structures in their villages.

He, however, said such programmes could not replace permanent employment, but are just poverty reducing programmes which has so far absorbed over 60 000 Batswana.

President Khama said government is duty bound and committed to creating employment opportunities where Batswana will have permanent formal employment, and this he said was encouraged by the fact that the country’s economy was showing some signs of recovery since last year.

In response to complaints over Botswana Meat Commission’s financial woes likely effect on Batswana, Lt Gen. Khama said though the company owes government millions of pula, government will continue to support it because the Commission plays a pivotal role sustaining lives of many as most Batswana rely on selling cattle to BMC as source of livelihood.

He said the current BMC management has done a lot to improve the situation and was confident with government support they will turn around the fortunes of the Commission to continue benefiting farmers.

President Khama said government deliberately created many youth empowerment schemes not because government does not value the role old people play in the society, but as a way to build g foundation for future leaders- who are youth. He said for the nation to have a perfectly functional society there was a need to have laid a g foundation.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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