KTM Choir to Perform Zulu Mass

| May 14, 2015

Sunday, May 17 will be a day to remember, as choir enthusiasts will gather around to witness one of Botswana’s prominent, and experienced choirs, KTM choir, as they perform a Zulu Mass by Qinisela Sibisi at Maitisong.

In addition, the mass will be a Catholic mass written in Zulu, and there will be six songs in this work.

The composition and arrangements will be very peculiar and interesting because KTM choir is an award-winning choir and always have something new to bring to the plate.

For his part, Mike Modise, KTM Choir Public Relations Officer, said, “It will be challenging work in terms of music arrangements, in some songs one will find that there is Hydan style of writing like the second song Udumo in “Amen” part, there are also small assembles to enhance the music”.

He also added that, there would be Crucifixion Path, which is written by a talented Motswana lady Omphemetse Chimbombi who always flies the flag of Botswana high, and is rated among the best composers the country, has ever produced. He said this would be done justice by a harmonious performance by the KTM choir.

This work shows how Jesus suffered until he was crucified at Golgotha. Chimbombi is a natural musician, and though she did not go music school, her work speaks for itself, with ample years of experience in producing world standard compositions. Crucifixion Path has sixteen short choruses and solos.

The show will kick start at 1630hrs at Maitisong in Gaborone and tickets go for P100 only, so all music enthusiasts, choir masters and song birds should come and enjoy acoustic melodies that KTM choir has to offer, better yet in the Zulu tongue.

Further, Crucifixion Path books will be on sale at the event if one wants to indulge in the Christian story behind the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus the Lord and Saviour.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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