Lack of Supervision Leads to Projects Failure

| April 2, 2015

Some poverty eradication projects are said to be failing due to lack of supervision.

Gweta residents said this during a kgotla meeting addressed by the Assistant Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Mr Phillip Makgalemele on March 30.

The Village Development Committee (VDC) chairperson, Mr Ledule Baraki had in his briefing, reported that 25 projects were allocated but only 15 were operating. One resident, Mr Mogomotsi Motseothata highlighted that some projects were failing because the beneficiaries still needed mentoring even though they had been trained.

He said after receiving the package, officers did not make follow-ups to check on progress, adding that with backyard gardening nothing had been produced. Mr Motseothata stated that many complaints came up when water bills were skyrocketing, which in turn raises questions about where was the water used.

He said there were many instances where beneficiaries of small stock had nothing to show. This, he said should ring a bell on service providers to come up with strategies, which they could use to ensure that beneficiaries fully understand the benefits of being a beneficiary.

Mr Motseothata noted that taking them through the first few stages of their projects could produce expected results hence the achievement of government’s goal.

In response, the deputy District Commissioner for Tutume sub-district, Mr Michael Chilimba explained that they have introduced village poverty eradication committees to help address issues arising from packages and monitor progress.

He said these committees are made up of the village leadership and volunteers and the issue of volunteers seeking allowances had become a challenge. He noted that they were still liaising with them and sensitising them on the importance of such committees.

In his address, Mr Makgalemele said it was important for beneficiaries to understand the purpose of being given such projects, as they were meant for their well-being. “The government’s aim is to fight poverty so that by March 2017, every Motswana will be well off with no one living in poverty,” he said.

He told residents that although there are 45 packages for the programme, they are open for other new ideas, which Batswana feel can be successful in their respective areas.

Mr Makgalemele noted that they were aware that some projects were failing because of delays by some public officers in assisting beneficiaries.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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