Lapcas Improves Excellence in Land Management

| May 27, 2015

The North East District councillors have been implored to encourage residents in their respective wards to register their plots with the Tati Land Board under the Land Administration Procedures and Capacity System (LAPCAS) exercise.

Briefing councillors about the LAPCAS project during the ongoing full council meeting in Masunga on May 22, the land board secretary, Mr Fawcus Mmolawa said some people were still reluctant to come forward and register their plots.

He said some people were scared to register their plots with the belief that the board wanted to repossess them, saying this was not the case since LAPCAS was about improvement and excellence in land management.

Mr Mmolawa said government came up with the idea of LAPCAS project primarily for the successful social and economic development of the nation.

He said it is based on efficient, effective and transparent land administration, adding that the LAPCAS officials were working around the clock to ensure that they meet the target of the exercise.

Mr Mmolawa further said land needs proper management since the population was increasing, whereas the land was not growing.

On other issues, the board secretary said they were concerned about some people who exchanged plots without consulting the land board, in order for the board to have proper records.

Furthermore, Mr Mmolawa noted that it was important for people to mark their plots, even if undeveloped, saying this would help the land board officials to know the land, which has been allocated, hence avoiding double allocation.

Responding to a question raised by councillor for Maosojane ward, Mr Smart Mbaakanyi concerning plot allocations in villages, which are in the greater Masunga, the secretary revealed that the land board has surveyed residential plots at Letsholathebe and Mosojane villages and they were also in a process to survey plots in Masunga in the near future.

The North East District Commissioner, Mr Rapetse Mathumo expressed concern about undeveloped plots in the district.

He said the land board should take all necessary actions against people who did not develop their plots within the stipulated period set by the land boards. Mr Mathumo said some of the plots have turned into ruins, which were now an eyesore.

For their part, North East district councillors said although LAPCAS project was a good idea, the problem was that the process was going at a snail’s pace. They emphasised that the land board should have adequate consultation with the public.

Concerning undeveloped plots, the councillor for Tshesebe ward, Mr Smarts Mathonsi said in some villages such as Tshesebe, some deserted plots were owned by public servants who used to serve there but have since been transferred to other places.

Masunga ward councillor, Mr Elias Mbonini said it was important for all service providers such as Botswana Power Corporation (BPC), Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) and other institutions to go work hand in hand with the land boards in any development concerning their institutions, saying this would avoid inconveniences during plot allocations.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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