LEA Hails Community Initiative

| April 21, 2015

Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) branch manager in Maun, Mr Agripah Hengari, has hailed Chanoga community for imparting young people with entrepreneurship skills.

He said the community made history since it was the first village to come up with such an initiative that aimed at encouraging young people to acquire knowledge so as to take aantage of government programmes geared towards improving their livelihoods.

Mr Hengari commended the village during a closing ceremony of a five-day entrepreneurship development training seminar organized by Chanago leadership in partnership with LEA to train 120 youths from Chanoga and its catchment areas.

The main objective of the seminar was to help illuminate the path for young people from disaantaged backgrounds and those who are out of school.

Mr Hengari said the leadership had reduced the burden cost from LEA noting that it is not easy to train such a huge number of participants.

He said LEA alone could not manage to provide development and support services to the local industry needs hence the need to partner with other stakeholders.

He explained that LEA office in Ngamiland was established in 2007 and its objective is to support, nurture and empower entrepreneurs with the technical know- how.

He said entrepreneurship development training was the back bone of any business therefore it is important to any entrepreneur to acquire such knowledge before proceeding to the next stage.

“This is the starting point and it is very important for new entrants or existing businesses to pass the screening process for them to proceed to the next stage.

You have started the game and it does not mean that you are a qualified entrepreneur”, he said.

Mr Hengari encouraged the trainees to apply what they have acquired noting that they should explore available opportunities and convert them into viable businesses.

The village Development Committee chairperson, Mr Philimon Dicheleketo explained that they came up with the initiative after they realized that lack of knowledge and understanding of government initiatives had been a problem to some communities.

He also explained that the initiative was part of their development plan and further explained that in Chanoga they developed an objective based plan which has been implemented.

He thanked LEA for supporting their plan noting that they approached several departments to assist in implementing the initiative but their efforts were unsuccessful.

Kgosi Oateng Setlhodi of Chanoga believed that after training, the participants would be able to make informed decisions towards government programmes and reduce dependency syndrome on government assistance.

He said they would be able to create sustainable employment opportunities for young people through the development of sustainable projects.

“It is very important to teach a person how to catch a fish not to give a fish and I believe you would apply the knowledge and skills you acquired in your businesses,” he added.

Kgosi Setlhodi observed that competitive entrepreneurs are those who would take aantage of programs in place and grow their businesses with a view to improve their livelihoods.

He said as the leadership it was their wish to see an economically independent community.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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