Leadership Involvement Vital – Dibotelo

| May 25, 2015

Chief Justice Maruping Dibotelo has appealed to all leaders in the judicial system to be involved in the implementation of the Court Records Management System (CRMS) reform.

Speaking during a two-day CRMS conference in Mahalapye on Thursday (May 21), Justice Dibotelo said though they are faced with many challenges and obstacles they should be hands on so that it becomes a success.

He said thus would pursue full and accurate usage of the system in all sites, adding that CRMS usage is one of the permanent agenda items when he visits stations and he was happy that it was bearing fruits.

The chief justice said he had also taken upon himself to hold one on one sessions with courts in magistrate stations and high court on CRMS that do not perform well with a view to assist them to use the system to its fullest capacity and accurately.

Justice Dibotelo said this was particularly important as they have opened up their system-though limited to their external clients through technologies like the public kiosk and display screen.

He noted that they have even opened it up with the international community through website which is linked to the CRMS application.

These developments, he said, further demonstrate their continued support at harnessing technology and leveraging justice through technological aancement in line with the conference’s theme.

The theme of the event was ‘A decade of harnessing technology-CRMS as an enabler for judicial excellence’. Justice Dibotelo said this theme was more appropriate as it recognises the importance of technology in ensuring judicial excellence.

He said CRMS is the foundation on which successful reforms like the Judicial Case Management are built therefore, it was very vital.

He explained that the administration of justice has harnessed technology judging from the continuous improvements they have made to the system in the bid to ensure it stays relevant with the ever changing times.

He said one such notable improvement worth sharing was the change made to the system to allow for automatic allocation of cases to judges which was done in line with the requirements of Judicial Case Management when it was first introduced.

The chief justice said this had proved to be very useful as it also managed cases load allocated to judges.

Further, justice Dibotelo said the system had also moved from being merely case recording system to a case management tool in that the all stages of the case could now be tracked and monitored in line with the established turnaround times.

He said that demonstrated the importance of the system in that it could also assist in performance monitoring which was essential if they were to achieve their mission and vision.

Lastly, justice Dibotelo said the conference was a historic one as it came at a time when all their active courts were connected to the CRMS application and the system had been in use for 10 years since 2005.

He said this was an extra ordinary achievement as it was not common for an organisation to connect all its courts and offices to the government data network and to utilise its system in all its offices, adding that this demonstrated the judiciary’s commitment to its vision of ‘Access to justice for All.’

He applauded all stakeholders particularly Bytes Technology Group for having stood by them since the inception of the project and the Court Information Management Section and staff members who have been using the system throughout the years.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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