Ledumadumane Murder Trial Resumes

| May 13, 2015

The infamous 2012 Ledumadumane soccer match murder case which briefly commenced in December after the defence had time to peruse photo albums, resumed on Tuesday (May 12) and is expected to conclude tomorrow (May 13).

The trial was supposed to have gone on full swing last September and was scheduled for two days, but it halted owing to late serving of the defence team with photo albums and documentary statements.

At the time, the lead prosecutor from the Directorate of Public Prosecutions, Mr Kutlo Tsekane said, the defence had asked for a postponement because they had to go and study the statements as well as to critically study the photos of the deceased, which were taken by the police officer showing the injuries of the deceased.

Mr Tsekane, who has teamed up with Mr Kealeboga Kapeko, confirmed that the trial would go on as scheduled and that he was ready. He anticipated that the defence team would come prepared as they had been given all documents that they had requested from the prosecution.

Gaborone High Court Judge, Bengbame Sechele presides over the matter.

The accused in the matter are Mabogo Lesotlho, Kgololo Lesotlho (cousins) and Montwedi Molefe. The trio is accused of jointly and unlawfully murdering Ishmael Moseki during a football match played at Ledumadumane near Mmopane on 25 February 2012.

According to police reports, an argument broke out between supporters of Ledumadumane’s Swallows Football Club and Mmopane’s Molapo Green Birds club leading to one supporter of Green Birds being stabbed with a sharp instrument.

Upon realising that one of their own had been killed, Green Birds supporters retaliated in a mob fashion.

The first accused, Mabogo is represented Mr Phemelo Rankoro, while Kgololo is represented by Modise Melusi David. Molefe on the other hand is represented by Anthony Ahulu.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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