Lekgaba School Project Not Complete

| April 2, 2015

Parliament has been informed that during construction of the Pelotelele Primary School, now known as Lekgaba Primary School, the original project scope was reduced.

Answering a question in Parliament, the Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Mr Frans Van Der Westhuizen said work such as landscaping, sports grounds, signage and a portion of the covered walkways were removed from the project scope.

He said some of the works that the contractor was to have done under the contract remained incomplete when the project was handed over at practical completion on January 7, 2011.

The incomplete work, he added, included the storm water drains, concrete aprons and steel rails on upper floors of the administration block and classrooms blocks.

Mr Van Der Westhuizen said the cost of the omitted works is P2.3 million whilst the cost of the incomplete work is estimated at P535.000. He however said he was not aware of any abnormalities that occurred during the project hand over to council.

After handover, he said the cheque that council prepared for the work that the contractor had undertaken on site, up to the hand-over date of January 7, 2011, was not collected by the contractor.

“As in all cases where a dispute on a construction project occurs, council will refer to the contract and institute processes to defend, in this instance, if the courts make a ruling that council is wrong, council will duly comply with the order of the court,” he said.

Furthermore, Mr Van Der Westhuizen said proper procedure was followed during project handover as site inspection was carried out and the contractor was given a snag-list which was expected to be attended to before the elapse of the Defects Liability Period.

The assistant minister told the House that unfortunately the contractor did not attend to all the defects and council had to undertake some of the defects so as to ensure that the safety of students and teachers was not compromised.

He said all outstanding defects that were still in the school would be attended to using retention monies, as prescribed in the contracts.

Member of Parliament for Francistown West, Mr Ignatius Moswaane had wanted to know if the minister was aware that the construction of the new Pelotelele Primary School, now known as Lekgaba Primary School, had not been fully completed.

He also wanted the minister to state the cost implications for the uncompleted works, and if he was aware of any abnormalities during the hand over process.

MP Moswaane asked the minister to also state as to what are the implications if the contractor decided to sue as a result of the council being found to be on the wrong side of the law and whether proper procedures regarding completion of construction stages were followed prior to hand over, if not what will the minister do to remedy the situation.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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