Lesang Hails Women Congress

| April 13, 2015

Botswana Democratic Party ( BDP) National Women’s Wing chairperson, Ms Caroline Lesang, says the wing’ s congress provides an opportunity for BDP women to dialogue about issues that affect their lives and their party.

Speaking at the 15th National Women’s Wing congress in Lobatse on April 10, Ms Lesang said the congress provided a platform for discussion and for an exchange of views.

The event, she said, created an opportunity to come up with appropriate answers to the current problems and pressing issues facing government, elected officials and the various stakeholders concerned with the improvement of citizens quality of life to ensure access to basic service and keeping pace with major changes with respect to good governance.

Reflecting on general elections, Ms Lesang, said many women sat for both parliament and council election and the party had in all, 609 councillors, with 419 elected and 119 nominated.

Of the 609, she said 109 were female councilors representing 17.9 per cent, of which 63 are elected while 46 are specially nominated.

In Parliament, only five women, representing 8 per cent adding that this is an extremely low representation of women in political arena. She however commended the fact that out of the five parliamentary women, the President appointed four into cabinet.

Against this background Ms Lesang therefore requested that during nominations, women be given 50 per cent chance in Parliament and council seats as this would be another way of moving women forward in driving a reform agenda.

In positions of political leadership in the country’s 16 councils Ms Lesang recognised the BDP’s two women mayors, one council chairperson and one deputy council chairperson. She however expressed concern that it was not enough because it is important for more women to be in position of political leadership.

Ms Lesang also recognised that it was the first time Lobatse hosts the event of this magnitude, adding that it will serve as a great incentive for local elected structures in the region as they will benefit from the experience of leading constituencies in field of governance and draw inspiration from approaches and strategies that can improve governance.

Ms Lesang applauded the outgoing women’s wing committee which dedicated their resources and time to serving the women agenda to the best of their ability.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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