Letlhakeng Youth Enjoy Sesigo Internet

| April 14, 2015

Letlhakeng Ever since the introduction of Sesigo Project, youth and students in Letlhakeng are living a different life.

In an interview with Letlhakeng Library users, one of the youths, Mr Joseph Bongalo said that since internet is available he is able to research academic work without paying for connection fees. He also added that the speed of the internet is fine but very low when there are many users connected to the wireless modem.

Thuso Rantao mentioned that using his laptop to download some files from the internet is very easy and appreciated the customer service personnel who help them whenever they have a problem with internet connections.

Rantao said that he can come anytime near the Public Library to access internet during non-working hours outside the Public Library premises.

He further mentioned that it is very easy for him to access social websites such as facebook and twitter, saying that he is aware of the cyber-crime Act that some people are ignoring.

“I use facebook wisely without insulting or uploading any harmful pornographic scenes because I know it is a crime,” He added.

One of the Internet Technology interns officer, Ms Charity Baeletsi from Botho College said internet connection problems or interruptions in Letlhakeng Public Library were sometimes due to power failure, weather conditions and when the internet modem has died.

She said that ever since she started her intern programme in Letlhakeng Public Library, she has never come across library users misusing the internet. She added that he encourages youths to use the internet to research rather than using more time in social websites.

She also complained of the noise some library users make saying that it is disturbing others.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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