Lobatse Celebrates Thobo

| May 13, 2015

In the past, a good harvest was always celebrated at the fields where farmers would gather to share experiences.

However,the practice seems to have taken a new twist as harvest celebrations have not only shifted from the farms to urban centres, but they have also assumed different and fancy names and a collection of traditional dress.

Over the weekend (May 9-10) in Lobatse, residents celebrated their first ever harvest day where a variety of clothing, food, music, dance, and language were very impressive.

Both men and women came dressed in traditional attires and none of the foreign food was in site for instance, breakfast consisted of diphaphatha, chicken feet, necks, and livers, as well as local ginger drink.

Sweet reed and water melons were also galore for everyone present throughout the day whenever they felt like. Lunch saw the few that were there spoilt for choice, as a full plate of bogobe jwa logala, bogobe jwa lerote, dikgobe, nama ya phofu and seswaa sa kgomo, were served liberally

Everybody left the serving point with a smile on their face, carrying a mountainous plate full of all cultural cuisine they even had another chance to get extra plates whenever they felt like.

Speaking at the festival, private secretary to the trade and industry assistant minister, Enerst Phiri, applauded the organisers of the event for their good concept. Phiri said it was important for Batswana to be proud of who they are and celebrate who they are in the form of such festivals as Thobo.

He said it was very demeaning to see Batswana growing to shun their culture and adopting foreign cultures which end up leading them astray.

He said harvest festival played an important role in educating the young generation growing up in towns and cities who never had time to experience traditional lifestyles.

He encouraged the organisers not to lose hope because of poor attendants, aising them to work harder in the coming year to make sure that the event becomes better than this year’s.

Culture, he said was very important as it gives people an identity of who they are and where they come from, adding that it can also promote entrepreneurial skills among its enthusiasts.

The festival was also characterised by plenty of music as local traditional groups such as Matota and Tshipi tsa poko serenaded the audience with Setswana melodies.

However, it was the Sesotho cultural group from Thareseleele called Moholosiane wa Bahabelang that made an impression as they got to the stage clad in Sesotho blankets and hats to dish out Sotho songs.

Poet and Jazz artist Benson Phuthego was the highlight of all the performances as he kept the audience on their feet with his dance tunes.

Phuthego came on board with a determination to make it a night to remember for the audience that had eagerly been waiting for his performance.

Performing alongside Phuthego were his back-up dancers and a four piece band that complemented each other greatly to the delight of the audience.

One of the organisers, Tshepo Thedi said the concept of the festival came after they had realised that Lobatse was dry in terms of entertainment therefore they came up with the Thobo Festival concept to celebrate culture and at the same time provide entertainment to the residents.

She decried lack of sponsorship for the success of the event, but however gave credit to Lobatse Choppies Cash ‘n Carry and Monate Sukiri Companies for coming to the table though, approached late, to sponsor the event.

She said she was looking forward to a great fun filled day next year.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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