Maele Urges Residents to Use Utilise SHHA

| June 16, 2015

Minister of Lands and Housing, Mr Prince Maele, has aised people to use the SHAA programme to improve their lives.

Mr Maele said at a recent kgotla meeting during his parliamentary constituency tour that the SHAA programme was meant for poor people who could not afford loans from banks.

However, he clarified that for an applicant to be a beneficiary of the SHAA programme, they must have a stable financial income ranging from P300 to P3 000 per month.

He urged parents who did not qualify for the programme to request their employed children to do it on their behalf so they become securities of loan repayments. Minister Maele said for this to happen, it did not mean parents should transfer their plots certificates to their children’s names.

On the arrangement his ministry had made with that of youth, sport and culture to protect the land reserved for youth for business purposes, he said the Ministry of Lands and Housing would now register such plots under the name of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture instead of the names of a youth requesting for it.

He said the arrangement came about after they realised and were concerned about the rate the youth were selling the land especially when they were doing badly in business. He said the arrangement would hinder youth from selling land and therefore, the land would be reserved for youth for ever as it was planned.

Mr Maele said a youth wishing to do business on such land would lease it from the ministry of youth, sports and culture and when that youth decides to quit business that land would be available for use by another youth.

The residents applauded the Minister for the SHAA programmes but some were concerned that SHAA was too slow to benefit them. They complained that since they applied for the programmes years ago, even to this day they were still waiting for response.

Minister Maele told them that there were many people in the SHAA waiting list, because the money offered to the program wasn’t enough to help them all at the same time.

He urged them to be patient until their time comes, adding that he would request that the money returned by other SHAA beneficiaries at councils be given to other applicants to quicken the process.

Concerning the arrangements the ministry of lands and housing has made with the ministry of youth, sports and culture to protect the land, people complained that it was not a fair deal especially for the youth who would have wasted hisher money in developing that land.

However, the minister said they had taken into consideration that those developments would have been made by the ministry, so youths won’t spend much in development but in case a youth has some asserts on such land, it would be up to him to lease or sell them to another.

Kgosi Batlwaetse Mapulane of Manaledi village told the minister that her people sold their residential and field plots, to which the minister said said selling land was a matter of great concern.

He aised people to refrain from such acts because the population of the country was growing while the land was not expanding. He said in years to come, there would be shortage of land and therefore, people should reserve them for their children.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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