´╗┐Magistrate Urges Parents to Introspect

| April 28, 2015

Lobatse chief magistrate, Mr Mareledi Dipate has urged parents to introspect on their parenting skills in order to impart wisdom when disciplining their children.

Mr Dipate said this at an anti-crime workshop in Lobatse. He said men were not proactive in taking up the role of promoting security as they were found to be trending in most cases of crime and gender-based violence (GBV).

Mr Dipate called for thorough introspection in the manner in which the girl child and boy child were raised in different societies.

He noted that in most cases, the girl child benefitted more by being groomed in all stages of life and remains protected at all times while the boy child was expected to learn on his own for survival skills thus creating inequity.

Mr Dipate urged parents to instill a sense of discipline amongst children in an appropriate manner befitting the society and also to monitor their behaviour carefully.

Above all, he said parents should desist from directing the blame away from their children but rather put them through disciplinary actions whenever they were involved in mischievous acts.

He urged men to be proactive in promoting the role of protecting the nation rather than demeaning the societal morals.

Chief magistrate Dipate encouraged participants to support and promote physical, emotional, social, intellectual development of both the girl child and boy child from the infant stage to adulthood.

Outlining the day’s objectives, Mr Gobusakgabo Baabina said the communities were ravaged by crime at an alarming rate and therefore the cluster saw it fit to put up such a workshop to solicit ideas from participants on how to combat especially crime.

He also said they wanted to encourage parents to take part in reducing juvenile delinquency and further sensitise participants on effects of domestic violence and abuse and also to encourage people to drink responsibly.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

Category: Human Rights

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