Mahalapye to Implement 171 Ipelegeng Projects

| June 9, 2015

The Mahalapye Sub-council’s ipelegeng coordinator, Mr Kadimo Sephetsolo, says the council will implement 171 projects during the 201516 financial year.

Briefing the sub-council meeting recently, he said of the projects, 37 were construction works while 28 were maintenance, renovation and extension developments. He added that 22 projects would involve drift fencing and other fences.

He explained that all the projects were set to start according to plan, except one construction water closet in Seleka and three maintenance works. He said completion of kgotla shelters in Moshopha and Bonwapitse were between 60 and 80 per cent complete while the boundary wall in Chadibe is 80 per cent complete.

Mr Sephetsolo said most construction and maintenance projects have not started and in the meantime the Ipelegeng workers are focused on debushing.

He said the technical office is compiling a bill of quantities for all projects.

He said aertisements for quotations for river sand, pit sand and stock bricks were floating (until June 5th, 2015.)

Mr Sephetsolo said of the Ipelegeng budget for 201415, over P29.7 million (P29, 720,141.21) was used while the balance of over P2.4 million (P2, 444,007.25) was expected to be expended on some of the spill-over projects from the previous financial years.

He further noted that during the 201415 financial year a total of 302 projects were approved for implementation with 30 carried over from the 201314 financial year.

He said Mahalapye Sub Council carried out 332 projects, 276 of which are 100 per cent complete.

He said 25 are 76-99 per cent complete while 11 are 51-75 per cent complete, with two pegged at 26-50 percent complete. He disclosed that 18 projects could not start.

Mr Sephetsolo said of the 34 construction projects, 24 have been completed, six are 76-99 per cent complete while three are between 51-75 per cent complete.

Only one project is 25 per cent complete.

He explained that of the 76 maintenance, renovation and extension works, 66 are complete, five are 76-99 per cent complete while three are 51-75 per cent complete. He disclosed that two have not started.

Of the 20 fencing and drift fencing projects, four are complete, 12 are 76-99 per cent complete while four are 51-75 per cent complete.

For his part, when presenting on the Revised 201516 Ipelegeng Programme, Mahalapye Sub Council Principal Economic Planner II Mr Sengwato Kesianye said as of March 2015, Ipelegeng beneficiaries had increased by 165 to 3 314 from 3 149.

Mr Kesianye said the increase in the quota required a total amount of P1 302 840.00, which had to be allocated within the existing ceiling.

He explained that the sub district financed the new quota by cutting down the programme’s material and running costs.

He also noted that as of April 2015, the programme’s allowance had increased. He added that the increase was expected to put more pressure on the programme’s material budget as the sub district does not anticipate additional funding.

Mr Kesianye explained that all the revisions were necessitated by the decision of the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to award Mahalapye Sub District an additional 165 slots in the monthly beneficiary quota and a decreased budget ceiling.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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