Maitisong Creates Room for Creative Arts

| April 29, 2015

As it is custom with Maitisong festival where people in the creative industry get to reflect, Thapong Visual Arts Centre hosted the all-day craft market with live entertainment, music, dance and food.

Traditional crafts, wood sculptures, pottery and printed crafts were all available and they looked good. Gosego Motlogelwa (31), a wood carving artist from Lerala, who last month traveled to Turkey to attend a World Wood Day competition also participated in the exhibition.

Speaking in an interview, the artist, who is an active member of Thapong Visual Art Centre and based in Gaborone, said last year he attended the same competition in China and before then it was in Tanzania.

On what he did during the visits to those countries, Motlogelwa said he did not do well and said he would for a while ponder and reflect on what he did wrong while he was there. Speaking on the all-day craft market, he said it was a good initiative for the creative arts industry as it opened up doors for them.

“With the other outright benefit being that we get to sell our crafts, it also shows what our work looks like as you can see that a lot of people came out and the work looks amazing,” he said.

He indicated that he has been privileged to attend wood carving workshops outside the country and this has given him an edge over other artists in his field. He also indicated that the workshops have acted as a cultural exchange between participating countries and has learned a lot.

Motlogelwa further said the all-day craft market acted as a networking platform for artists as they sometimes went for months without sitting down with each other and exchanging ideas.

Quizzed on when he started wood carving and how business was, Motlogelwa said he started wood carving in 2007 while in Selebi-Phikwe and has never looked back ever since. “As for business, yes I sell a few pieces but it is not that much.

What I have noticed is that the market is there, but people still do not appreciate good art and are not willing to pay for it,” he said. He further said he plan to hold an exhibition at Thapong Visual Art Centre in the not so distant future. “I will communicate that well in due course,” he promised.

For his part, Coordinator of Thapong Visual Arts Centre, Mr Reginald Bakwena said artists needed such platforms to expose themselves and make a living.

He indicated that Thapong Visual Arts Centre would always look to promote and sell its artists.

The day was characterised by live performances by unknown and upcoming artists who shared songs and poems with the crowd whilst some walked around looking at different stalls. People also enjoyed local food and enjoyed the creative arts. Maitisong Festival is a weeklong event that sees different categories in the creative industry sharing their work and building appreciation among fans.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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