Mamelodi Roots for Football Development At Grassroots

| April 29, 2015

Botswana Premier League chief executive officer, Bennett Mamelodi has appealed to the youth of Shoshong to take part in sport activities so that they can excel and earn a living out of sport.

Speaking during the Shoshong constituency football clinic over the weekend, Mamelodi said the youth needed to be encouraged and motivated extensively so that they know that to become a professional player, one had to start from the bottom.

He said it was good to see good initiatives that groomed individuals who might end up representing the country or play for bigger teams in the future.

He noted that many professional players started from the bottom, adding that government together with the sporting fraternity was in collaboration to start a policy whereby players have to be registered and monitored until they reach a certain stage.

Mamelodi said the policy would also track down such players, where they started and how much money he or she was sold to another team, so that those who helped in nurturing their talent also benefit from that.

Therefore, he appealed to parents and coaches not to lose hope, but to continue with the good work of developing children and teaching them necessary skills.

On other issues, Mamelodi explained that premier league was also planning to start women’s’ league on their mandate. He said there were many women’s football teams around the world and to develop them they also need to compete at a higher level.

He also applauded Shoshong constituency for starting such initiatives, adding that children needed to be nurtured from the grassroots.

For his part, the area MP, Philip Makgalemele said they started the initiative in 2013 and their main objective was to nurture talent and encourage children to be involved in sport at an early age.

Makgalemele said at the moment, they engage pupils from all primary schools in Shoshong, and from each school they pick 20 children, 20 boys and 20 girls.

He noted that on the first day, they are taught necessary skills and techniques of how to play football and on the second day they compete against each other where the winner gets P250.00 prize money on both sides.

He said though the prize money was not that much, but they did it to motivate the children, adding that also there were different categories whereby they give P50.00 to the best middle fielder, striker, goal keeper and defender respectively.

Makgalemele appealed to the community and the business people to sponsor the initiative and also adopt some of the children and buy them training boots and socks as most of them did not have them.

He noted that their aim was to nurture as many children as possible and if possible, send some to excellence schools in the country and also produce for the national team.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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