Mascom Derby Excitement Engulfs Maun

| April 2, 2015

All roads lead to Shashe race tracks in Maun for the annual Mascom Derby this Easter holidays.

Mascom Derby, an event famous for robust horse race competitions, Maun cuisine, music and cultural fashion extravaganza is expected to attract over 15 000 spectators.

This time again, the event would see more Namibian and Lesotho horse riders taking part.

About 139 horses were registered to compete, with 115 being local horse breeders from Maun, Gaborone, Charleshill, Werda, Jwaneng, Chanoga, Kareng, Semboyo, Bokspits, Tsabong, Toteng, Sehithwa while 24 will be from Lesotho and Namibia.

The event will feature two categories of Tswana and Thorough breeds and races would range from 800 metres and 24 000 metres.

Meanwhile, a press release from Mascom stated that Charleshill would have the highest number of horses registered for the race at 25 followed by Maun with 17 while Gaborone has four horses competing this year.

It further stated that the Mascom Derby 2015 aims to entertain and provide a family friendly, balanced and structured environment that would leave the audience desiring for more.

The highlight of the day will be the on field Mascom prizes awarded to the best dressed female or male. To keep the event alive, families would also be catered for with entertainment provided for both adults and children.

Tickets are selling for P70 adults and P30 for children under the age of 12. Small business owners will also get a chance to set up exhibition and food stalls for sale at the race.

The release further stated that over 25 Batswana had been ear marked to sell food at this eminent occasion. The event had been in existence since 2006 and held over the Easter holidays.

In its maiden years, the race was held between Gaborone and Maun, until finally relocating to Botswana’s cosmopolitan tourism capital, beautiful Maun, says the release.

However, horse race revelers would miss some local famous horse owners in the race as they had been suspended for failing to comply with the set rules and regulations.

In an interview recently, the chief organiser, Charlie Mabua confirmed that the management had reached a decision to suspend some stables from participating in the Mascom Derby for a period of two years.

He said cited as reasons for suspension, the horse riders’ conduct at last year’s derby, which compromised the integrity of the event.

Prior to the fun filled event, Mascom would donate P 50 000 to the Thuso Rehabilitation centre which would be used to renovate the therapy department.

The “Rehabilitation Services” department offers services that include occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, orthopaedic services, therapy, and rehabilitation, family counselling and HIV counselling.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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