Mascom Helps Renovate Thuso Rehabilitation Centre

| April 9, 2015

Mascom has donated P50 000 towards renovation of the Thuso Rehabilitation Centre therapy department.

The centre offers services that include occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, orthopaedic services, therapy, rehabilitation, family counselling and HIV counselling.

The donation was done prior to the Mascom Derby, an annual horse race event held in Maun on April 5. The race started back in 2006 and in its maiden years, it was held between Gaborone and Maun, until finally relocating to Botswana’s cosmopolitan tourism capital, Maun.

Mascom public relations and communications manager, Ms Barbara Tshipana said, as part of their corporate social responsibility initiative, they found it necessary to make donations to non-governmental organisations (NGO) in Maun and surrounding areas.

“The Mascom Derby gives us an opportunity to give back to the community hence this year, we make a donation of P50 000 to Thuso rehabilitation Centre,” she added. She said the donation would assist the centre to renovate the therapy department.

“These donations are a huge part of the Mascom Derby because we would like the community of Maun to know that we care about them and that Mascom is a part of them,” she said.

Ms Tshipana also added that it was through sport that they could not only engage their stakeholders but also contribute to Botswana’s Vision 2016 pillar of “A United and Proud Nation”.

She said sport had the ability to cut through cultural barriers that may divide people and could overnight create heroes.

In addition, she revealed that sport had become part of the country’s national pride, and as the leading network provider, Mascom was involved in an array of sports sponsorships including football, volleyball, motorsport, athletics and horse-racing.

Meanwhile, the race which was well known as The Mascom National Derby has now been changed to the new name “Mascom Derby”.

Ms Tshipana explained that the name change was for branding purposes and mostly influenced by the interest they had received from neighbouring countries with the participation of Namibia and Lesotho.

Thuso Rehabilitation Centre executive director, Mr Moses Kandovazo thanked Mascom for the donation noting that it was a start of their partnership which needed to be nurtured in order to benefit the community.

He said the donation would fulfil and make a big difference in the lives of the people living with disabilities. He noted that for the past 22 years, the centre focused on providing orthopaedic services to over 6000 people.

The centre, he said aimed to provide rehabilitation services for the disabled community in Ngamiland and Chobe District. They also aim to create opportunities for an independent life for people with disabilities.

Mr Kandovazo assured Mascom to put the donation to good use noting that people living with disabilities deserved empowerment for them to be integrated into the society. He said people living with disabilities are subjected to violence, abuse, prejudice and disrespect because of their status hence the need to promote human rights issues amongst them.

Further, he said they had a new strategy in a form of partnership with the community to promote development and share life skills amongst people living with disabilities.

Meanwhile, Mr Kandovazo offered Mascom an office space within their premises which he said they would maintain and use if for their aertising purposes.

He also indicated that in their partnership, Mascom could use the centre to reach their customers in remote areas.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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