Masisi Roots for Matlapeng in Mochudi Bye – Election

| May 25, 2015

Members of the Botswana Democratic Party have been encouraged to vote in large numbers during May 30 bye elections for the council candidate for Bokone ward in Mochudi West Constituency.

Speaking during a rally to launch the BDP council candidate for the ward, Ms Lesego Matlapeng, the Vice President who is also Member of Parliament for MoshopaManyana constituency Mr Mokgweetsi Masisi told democrats that they should “correct the mistake you made during last year’s general elections.”

He said they voted for someone who later left them after making a promise to represent them at the Kgatleng District Council. When presenting Ms Matlapeng, Mr Masisi said she was a humble person, a parent, a responsible and visionary leader who will take care of her ward.

He added that at BDP they need people who will work with the leadership and understand where they are taking the country to hence Ms Matlapeng meets the calibre of the person they need.

The Vice President also said when voted to the council, she will not disappoint because she knows very well where the BDP led government is taking Batswana to.

Mr Masisi said through her, government programmes and initiatives will easily reach Batswana as they are meant to benefit them adding that it was sad that opposition members reject these programmes which are meant to improve the livelihoods of people they represent.

The Minister of Education and Skills Development Dr Unity Dow told the BDP members that they have been given “a second chance to redeem yourselves and correct the mistake you made by voting an opposition member.”

She said they should thank the man who left the council seat because now ” you can do the right thing and vote Ms Matlapeng.”

Dr Dow said what the UDC councillor did show that politics was not for the faint hearted and now they can vote someone who relates well with people and understand their social issues much better.

She said those who oppose the BDP government are not helping them because they will be left behind in many issues and will not enjoy programmes aimed at changing their lives.

She encouraged those who did not vote last year to go and vote for Ms Matlapeng so they can win the council seat. Speaking also at the rally was BDP secretary general Mr Mpho Balopi who encouraged democrats to vote in large numbers for someone who will work with them and support government programmes.

He told them that development is followed through channels which need people who believe in one goal and if a different person in put in between them, problems will arise and people will not enjoy programmes and services made for their benefit.

The Council candidate Ms Matlapeng asked the voters to vote for her after they requested her representation at Kgatleng district council. She told them that she was ready to work with them more so that she has a vast experience of working with people.

Ms Matlapeng also said she has worked with children including orphans whom she will make sure they benefit from government programmes. She cautioned voters to resist any attempts by people who will “buy you” when they are queuing for voting during elections.

Ms Matlapeng said she wants free and fair elections and promised the BDP members that she will be a councillor of repute who will speak on their behalf on issues that affect their ward.

The Bye Election which is scheduled for May 30 came after the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC)’s Mr Titus Kebuileng resigned from his council seat, thereby creating a vacancy in the ward. In the last year’s general elections UDC won the council ward by 590 votes, followed by BCP at 482 and BDP at 435.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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