Mayor Appreciates Auditors’ Role

| May 27, 2015

Francistown City Mayor Ms Sylvia Muzila has appreciated the pivotal role played by internal auditors in corporate governance.

Speaking during the 2015 Institution of Internal Auditors Botswana’s sponsored walk held in Francistown, Ms Muzila said it was important to sensitise the community about the importance of auditing.

Ms Muzila also commended the efforts by the internal auditors, explaining that in most cases, organisations collapse due to mismanagement of resources.

She also acknowledged the value that was provided by internal auditors to governing bodies and senior management as an objective source of independent aices.

In addition, she stated that internal auditors are the candidates for providing solutions to myriad issues. Ms Muzila said Botswana has been rated the best destination in the world for foreign investors, adding that this might be an indicator that democracy and good governance ratings should not viewed as a panacea for Foreign Direct Investors (FDI).

She furthermore said the scope for auditors should be broad enough to cover corporate governance audits. Internal Audit Botswana vice pr

esident, Mr Ernest Kelapile said since it was established in 1996, the awareness has always been celebrated in Gaborone.

He said the idea now was to take it to the people so that they understand the internal audit profession. For his part, Councilor Ben Mpotokwane of Donga highlighted that if there were no auditors, companies and government would collapse and nobody would be held responsible for the loss of properties and resources.

Cllr Mpotokwane said most of the people do not understand the role of internal auditors but the day has made people to be aware about internal audit.

He said he found it appropriate to designate May as the month to build awareness on the value of internal audit profession.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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