Mbalakalungu Causes Upset

| May 29, 2015

Parakarungu -based Seperu group, Mbalakalungu have caused an upset by beating the undefeated Nandawve Seperu group, who have been longtime favorites throughout the President’s Day competitions.

Not only was Nandawve beaten for the top spot, they found themselves at the bottom of all the four performing groups leaving empty handed.

Nandawve have always swept through regional and national level competitions and last year, their light started dimming when they failed to snatch the top spot like they always did in the Seperu category at national level.

This year’s results have shown that if the group does not add some spice to their choreography, they run the risk of losing relevancy and competitiveness in these competitions as newer groups emerge.

Last year’s runner ups in the Seperu dance category, Kasane based Chaakanchako took position two while newly formed Mabele group, Itenge settled for the third position.

The top two groups will get a chance to fight it out at the national competitions to be held in Gaborone while the third gets a cash prize of P3 000.

The Diware category was also another hotly contested category with Kasane’s Mathiyathicho emerging this year’s winners.

Thwayuva got position two, with Parakarungu’s Sa re go togelwa tsatsing and Chizo Ingoma at number three and four respectively. Diware dance moves focuses much on the waist and shoulders.

The top two groups will proceed to the national competitions while the third got a P3000 cash prize.

Another thrilling category, Phathisi was contested for by three groups and it was clear as soon as performances started that competition was going to be between Tse tilodi and Matso International.

Matso International from Kasane defeated Tse tilodi to the top spot with an 86 per cent score while Tse tilodi got 75 per cent.

The third group, Bojanala did not do too badly, earning 72 per cent and leaving P3000 richer.

When giving feedback, the adjudicators complained of very little creativity in the performances, aising that some groups had not added any variation to the dance hence they scored lower marks.

“When judging we look at such things as the interpretation of the message, is there a message to the performance and if there is, is it well communicated?” one of the judges Gababoe Asa said. BOPA

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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