Mdu Launches Dros Upper Level

| June 5, 2015

Mduduzi Velile Madzwamuse was touted as the next big thing on radio and he was well on his way to making his mark on the broadcasting landscape but sometime beginning of this year he was suddenly no longer on radio.

What happened to Mdu the young, vibrant and witty lad who used to present the Out of Order show on Yarona Fm and also had a stint on the morning show along with Phenyo Moroka and Elte still on Yarona Fm.

Known to his many fans and avid radio listeners as Mdu, where did he go, what has he been up to and most importantly is he still alive and kicking. BOPA caught up with him to get the low down on what happened and what has the journey been like since he left the youthful radio station.

“Well,” he starts off with a chuckle, “the reason why I left Yarona Fm will be a story for another day as these days I am all about the future and what I have in store for the masses,” he said, adding that besides all the negative gossip that suggested he left amid a cloud of controversy, that is not the case.

“The night life in Botswana has taken a few jabs over the past few years, making the industry almost non-existent today,” he continued in his usual philosophical voice.

“It has been a while since we have had a full functioning club that caters for everybody and that is about to change,” said Mdu.

He indicated that Dros restaurant at gaborone’s Molapo Crossing took the liberty to invest in some property to turn it into a club.

“Dros Upper Level, as the name suggests, will be a club situated on the floor right above the restaurant,” he said, adding that amidst all the renovations and upgrades that have been made at Molapo Crossing, only the best promoters would make the cut to match the excellent service at the mall, and there is where he comes in with his #TeamOutOfOrder.

“From the creators of last year’s successful shows including the Play Fest and the Independence holiday Pay What You Want Music Fest, #TeamOutOfOrder has partnered with the new boys in town at Gualla Entertainment to present the ROCKnROLLAZ: Party Like A Rockstar club series,” he said.

He indicated that the club series will happen every Saturday at Dros Upper Level and it will be launching this Saturday.

On why a club series, Mdu said it is all about reviving the night life in Gaborone with an affordable yet world class clubbing experience, while celebrating the culture that is music.

“And no the club will not be playing rock n roll music, but rather we have an exciting rotation of resident disc jockeys (Djs) from the likes of KY Carter, Casper The Dj, Dj Bakito, Dj Aimo, Strictly House Bound amp Macx Wa Bana all from Yarona FM,” he said laughing out loud.

Touching on the launch party this Saturday (june 6), he indicated that the party will be headlined by the most talented underdog in the South African music industry Tshego of the hit album Since 1990.

“Tshego is a Mafikeng born singer, rapper, producer, performer based in Johannesburg and Batswana will have the chance to witness him live and direct from Dros Upper Level,” said Mdu, adding that the entrance fee is P50.


Source : Botswana Daily News

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