Men Slow in Seeking Medical Attention

| May 13, 2015

Assistant Minister of Health, Dr Alfred Madigele, has expressed concern that men seek health interventions in lower numbers as compared to their female counterparts.

Dr Madigele, who was making a keynote address at a wellness day for the elderly in Tsamaya on May 9, said that could be the reason behind the higher mortality rate for men in Botswana.

Nevertheless, he was optimistic that efforts by Health 1st Foundation, which was hosting the event, would help his ministry in encouraging and motivating more male reaction to health interventions.

The assistant minister indicated that in addition to the two previous wellness day activities held in Rakops and Tonota by Health 1st Foundation, having pointed out the slow rate of responsiveness to health concerns by men, it had also become apparent that diabetes and hypertension were the major health challenges affecting Batswana.

Furthermore, Dr Madigele stated that it was hoped that a couple of objectives would be achieved through the wellness day among them, enhancing the ability of individual community members, especially the elderly, to identify and address their own health issues, needs and priorities in order to improve their physical, emotional and occupational well-being.

Additionally, he said, the event availed concerned stakeholders opportunity to help in preventing and managing chronic illnesses, improving the health and quality of people’s lives as well as facilitating access to health care facilities and services.

Speaking at the same event, Dr Marape Marape of Health 1st Foundation, was concerned that a lot of people presenting with preventable diseases did not hasten to seek health interventions, something, which later made their conditions difficult to manage.

Dr Marape was also concerned about the alarming rate at which non-communicable diseases were growing in terms of prevalence in Botswana and many other countries.

The event, which targeted the elderly in Tsamaya, Mabudzani, Themashanga, Mowana and other nearby villages, had brought under one roof a team of health care workers and specialists in various medical fields to assist beneficiaries at no cost.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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