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| April 2, 2015

President Lt Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama has described the late former vice president, Lt Gen. Mompati Merafhe, as a great statesman and an example that all should try to emulate.

The President said this when launching the former vice president’s autobiography titled: The General In the service of my country in Gaborone on Tuesday (March 31).

President Khama said when he was asked to launch the book, he felt that there was nothing more he could add to what he did at his farewell party when he relinquished his post as the vice president.

“However, I feel gly that what is contained in the book is very comprehensive for all of us to get first hand of what the general’s outlook was on several issues,” he said. President Khama said the book’s title, The General, befits Lt Gen. Merafhe, as he was the first general and founding commander of the Botswana Defence Force.

The president said he admired Lt Gen. Merafhe, adding that the launch of the book was to celebrate his life. “I am sure that now that he has departed, his legacy will endure.” He said Lt Gen. Merafhe was a great soldier, great politician and statesman that deserved to be emulated.

The President also commended the Merafhe family for respecting the general’s wishes and ensuring that his work was completed and shared with Batswana and the world at large as he would have wanted.

President Khama said it was unfortunate that Lt Gen. Merafhe was not present to witness the unveiling of his work, given that he never wanted to leave anything unfinished. He said the book celebrate his life, work and country’s history.

“It is a welcome development that senior citizens have decided to put pen to paper to recall some of the history of this country. Some may not have been captured in the past, but this is first-hand account and a primary source of information from someone who was present at the time when the events referred to occurred,” he said.

President Khama said the book talks about the General during his life as a police officer and as commander of the army. It also related his story before and after independence and his political career.

The president said the general should be remembered as a g willed individual, who had made many sacrifices for this republic. “He was a true patriot with conviction and motivation for national service and development of this country.”

The Diamond educational publishers managing director, Mr John Chengeta, said they were honoured to fulfill the General’s wishes. He said the autobiography gave all an opportunity to understand the journey of Lt Gen Merafhe’s life.

Mr Chengeta said despite the former vice president’s commitments after retirement, he still managed to complete the book. He revealed that if it was not for the General’s health problems the book would have been launched last year.

Mr Chengeta said it was not easy to write, something he said explained why there are few number of authors.

He said most promise to submit their manuscripts but fail to submit, adding that there were still areas that people could write on such as the business landscape which could guide small enterprises.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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