Mercy Mosarwa Heads for Texas

| April 30, 2015

Mercy Mosarwa will, from July 2 to 9, interact with other musicians and church people in San Antonio, Texas, after having been invited to present her work there courtesy of the Seventh Day Aentist Church in America.

Being the wife of a pastor in the same church here in Botswana, Mosarwa indicated that every five years, the church headquarters in Maryland held a convention where by Seventh Aentist church members from all over the world converged.

She indicated that some people from her church will accompany her to the USA. “Those who can afford to go will be travelling with me, but as for me I have been invited to go and present some of my songs which are in Seherero,” she said.

She further said she submitted her work last year and it took a whole year for the adjudicators to decide on whom to pick.

“I was told in December that I had been selected with another person from the country,” she added. Ms Mosarwa further said she would be performing some of her songs on July 4 which is America’s Independence Day. “I will be performing a Seherero song and then a Setswana song,” she said.

She added that adding that the church has recognized the importance of one’s indigenous language.

She further said after she comes back from the USA she will be going to Leeds in the England. “It is very evident that our indigenous language is being promoted outside the country,” she said, adding that she writes her own music and gets her inspiration from sermons she listens to at church.

She indicated that she can write songs for anyone but because of her religion, she only does gospel music.

Ms Mosarwa said it was very commendable that indigenous language was getting recognition outside Botswana.

“It is very sad that in Botswana we seem to not care that much about our languages and I have a fear that our languages will get instinct as we evolve,” she said.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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