Minister Calls for Improved Service Delivery

| June 4, 2015

The Minister of Lands and Housing, Mr Prince Maele, has implored Paje Sub-land Board employees to go an extra mile in the execution of their work.

Addressing the land authority on June 1, he said the community should enjoy high quality services despite operational challenges such as shortage of staff. He expressed worry that poor turnaround time in land boards was badly affecting the corporate image of his ministry.

He aised the staff members to be responsible for restoration of the reputation of the ministry through improving service expressed concern about poor supervision in the land boards, charging that most supervisors did not know what was happening on the ground.

He cited poor record keeping as one of his main worries despite the millions of Pula that government had invested in a records management unit. He added that government had lost legal cases on account of missing records.

The minister also called for operations of land boards to be uniform. He said operations of all sub land boards under the jurisdiction of Ngwato Land Board should be synchronised.

He further challenged the employees to come up with strategies to collect the land board’s lease rental arrears, which are pegged at over P2 million.


Source : Botswana Daily News

Category: General

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