Minister Encourages Nation to Unite

| May 25, 2015

Batswana from all corners of the country have been encouraged to channel their efforts towards achieving the great task of uniting the nation through the promotion and transmission of Botswana’s diverse cultures.

The Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture Thapelo Olopeng appealed during the National Culture Day ceremony held in Tonota on Friday (May 22).

Olopeng said the government had adopted programmes and services that are aimed at preserving, promoting and developing culture, as well as doing away with poverty and social ills.

He said the programmes engaged both the youth and adults in intercultural dialogue, diversity and inclusion of all. He added that as they work towards national unity and identity, they embraced and retained their cultural elements that give them a sense of distinction as a nation.

The minister urged Batswana to shun any behaviour that perpetuates moral decay and divisions among them and rather work towards building well-rounded citizens and a united nation.

He also appreciated all exhibitors who had come out to show their various dresses that showcased the country’s cultural diversity.

Furthermore, he encouraged individuals and organisations to take stock of themselves with the aim of promoting cultural diversity and to avoid polarization and stereotypes in the society.

Minister Olopeng stated that Botswana, as part of the global village, had a role to play in order to participate meaningfully in the international arts and culture arena. He reminded them that there were many other things from their culture, which could be professionalised with the use of technology to improve their lives.

He said while the west used technology to turn their lives around, Batswana were still stuck in using technology to destroy, insult and disrespect others. He cited the youth as an example of using technology for the wrong reasons instead of using it to empower themselves.

Minister Olopeng said his ministry was ready to facilitate any kind of assistance they may need to turn culture into a source of income.

In his welcoming remarks, Kgosi Ramosinyi Radipitse of Tonota said, as a nation, people’s behaviour and attitudes should revolve around a rich and solid culture and tradition, which govern how people relate to each other.

Kgosi Radipitse said Botswana remains a shining example of democracy because of its people’s cultural behaviour and attitude, including norms and values.

He said the theme, Culture is My Business also gives Batswana an opportunity to introspect regarding ways of transmitting and preserving their diverse culture for the promotion of tolerance and botho, which are vital in building a moral and tolerant nation.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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