´╗┐Minister Urges Parents to Be Strict

| May 20, 2015

Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Mr Frans van der Westhuizen has urged parents to be strict with their children in as far as the consumption of alcohol is concerned.

Addressing a kgotla meeting at Sesung in Letlhakeng Sub-district on Tuesday (May 19), Mr Van der Westhuizen urged parents to be exemplary to their children and desist from abusing alcohol as children copy from them.

He said government might formulate regulations to guard against the abuse of alcohol, but that this regulations would be in vain if parents did not play their role. He also said alcohol could not be totally banned in the country as it had some positive aspects such as employment creation.

On other issues, Mr Van der Westhuizen informed the residents that the economy had not yet fully recovered from the economic recession, and that hopefully as the economy recovered most developments in their village which were paused will be reinstituted.

This included among others, the kgotla office and accommodation for civil servants in the village. He said the problem is not only peculiar to Sesung, but the whole country. Mr Van der Westhuizen also informed the residents that currently government is giving priority to national projects such as the shortage of water and electricity.

He also informed residents about the new proposals under the Matimela Act, which is currently being reviewed. He said that government has decided to reduce time taken for reporting the animals, retention and collection period, and that matimela officers are empowered to destroy animals which are considered a nuisance, or are too ill.

He however, informed the residents that it will not be possible to transport stray animals to their owners when they are reported at far flung areas.

Mr Van der Westhuizen was responding after some residents suggested that to save them costs, government should transport stray animals to their owners when they are recovered far away. Residents also reasoned that there is currently enough information such as ear-tags and LIDS that can be used to track down the owners, which they said eliminated the excuse of selling animals in the pretext that their owners cannot be found.

For her part, the senior assistant council secretary for Letlhakeng Sub district, Ms Ekannamang Ramasimong informed the residents that pre-school toilets were not budgeted for as the initiative is still new, but said that if funds permit they will be constructed with time.

Ms Ramasimong was responding after some residents complained that the existing toilets are not suitable for pre-school going pupils as they are too small to use them.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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