´╗┐Ministers Commission Water Supply Project

| April 28, 2015

The Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Mr Kitso Mokaila and his South African counterpart, Ms Nomvula Mokonyane, on April 25, commissioned a cross border water supply project at Gakhibane in Kgalagadi District.

Mr Mokaila said Batswana were grateful for what South Africa did for them and hoped that the cooperation between the two countries would continue as there were still other places that were without water in the country.

The minister relayed the gratitude of the people of Botswana to the government of South Africa for having agreed to help with water, adding that he hoped the project would strengthen and broaden the relationship between the two countries.

He commended the contractor that built the water station, adding that during his kgotla meetings, residents told him that there was consultation, mutual understanding and Botho between the two parties.

For her part, Ms Mokonyane said the day was meant for celebrating Africa, noting that in the past, lack of sharing water resources showed inequality in Africa.

She said it was clear that water knew no boundaries and that through it, people could build sustainable communities and create peace and prosperity in the region.

Ms Mokonyane said South Africa was proud of the good relations it had with Botswana, adding that they saw it fit to share the little water they had, adding that without water, there was no life. She also added that South Africa could not celebrate when its neighbours were thirsty.

The South African minister said above everything, the project would liberate women and bring back their dignity because the girl child would have the opportunity to go to school rather than going out to look for water and would also bring peace and prosperity in the family and community as a whole because water was life.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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