Ministry Funds 86 Projects in Boteti East

| April 14, 2015

Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture has funded 86 youth projects in the Boteti East constituency from the 200910 financial year to 201314 under the Youth Development Fund.

Minister Thapelo Olopeng told Parliament that the projects created a total of 158 jobs for the youth. He said for the current financial year, his ministry has funded a further 29 youth businesses which have created 29 job opportunities. This, he added brings the total number of funded projects between 2009 and 2015 to 187.

He said information on the Botswana National Service Programme, commonly referred to as Tirelo Setshaba was only available for the financial year 201415 because implementation of the programme only commenced on April1, 2014.

“For the Boteti East Constituency, 171 youth have been attached to various government and non-governmental organizations. The uptake of programmes is dependent on availability of vacancies in respective areas and these opportunities are limited in the constituency,” he said.

Mr Olopeng said the total number of participating teams in the constituency for the 201415 stood at 76 with 48 teams being for football, 17 netball and 11 for volleyball.

He noted that this resulted in a total of 1 391 athletes who have participated, adding that the level of participation in the constituency was satisfactory and had immensely contributed to moulding young people towards positive behavior and also contributed in identifying talent.

The minister explained that about 50 groups registered for constituency arts competitions in Boteti East for both cycle 1 and 2, while 40 of these actually participated in different categories giving a total participation of 234 artistes.

“Participation for cycle one stood at 234 while during cycle 2 it went up to 365,” he added. The minister said 101 of the funded projects are operational while 14 have collapsed.

“The collapse of youth businesses in the constituency can be attributed to various reasons specific to individual projects, but overarching reasons include the fact that some youth beneficiaries lack commitment and usually abandon their projects for other economic opportunities, lack of suitable operational spaces either because rental charges are too high, insufficient space or because facilities do not have necessary amenities and non-availability of markets for their products,” he said.

Minister Olopeng said the ministry instituted a survey in January 2015 to determine the level of youth unemployment in the whole country. He said the exercise was being conducted as a continuous process and was still ongoing.

He was responding to a question from the MP for Boteti East, Mr Sethomo Lelatisitswe who asked the minister to appraise the House on the performance of all youth programmes that fall under his ministry in Boteti East for the past five years taking into consideration beneficiaries per village, successful projects and reasons aanced for failure.

He also wanted the minister to state the youth unemployment rate in Boteti East and how much the projects had contributed to the reduction of youth unemployment in Boteti East.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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