Ministry Helps Farmers Maintain Fence

| April 13, 2015

Ministry of Agriculture is implementing an Integrated Fence Maintenance Strategy underpinned by education of farmers and their participation in fence maintenance.

Acting Assistant Minister of Agriculture, Mr Fidelis Molao told Parliament that he was aware of the constant damage of the buffalo fence in Ngamiland that was caused by wildlife primarily elephants and also damaged through vandalism.

He said the ministry provided suitable equipment such as fencing tools, fencing strainers and tractors to pull cable in the buffalo fence. Mr Molao said the buffalo fence comprised two parts being the southern parts starting at Nanogaonne near Shorobe quarantine and ends at Diziramasuku near Tubu covering 290km while the northern part starts from Selinda and ends in the Okavango delta covering 42km.

He said transport deemed suitable for traversing the terrain was in the form of 4 by 4 landcruisers, 4 by 4 trucks and tractors. He noted that an effective way for the maintenance of the fence was through education of farmers and their participation in the disease control.

To date, Mr Molao explained , a total of 55 farmers have debushed and repaired 42km of the northern buffalo fence from Gudikwa to Selinda in 2014. He added that 40 farmers were currently engaged to debush a total of 18km of the southern buffalo fence from Daunara to Kurunxaraga.

He was responding to a question from the Member of Parliament for Maun East, Mr Kostantinos Markus who asked the minister if he was aware of the damaged buffalo fence in the Ngamiland.

Mr Markus asked the minister if he was considering providing necessary equipment for repairing the fence including suitable vehicles that can withstand the harsh terrain and whether government was aware that buying suitable vehicles for use in Ngamiland was a waste of resources taking into consideration the rough terrain.

Source : Parliament

Source : Botswana Daily News

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