Ministry Introduces Smart Metres

| June 1, 2015

Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Mr Kitso Mokaila says the acute shortage of water has compelled government to introduce smart metres.

Mr Mokaila said this during a kgotla meeting he addressed in Rakops recently. He said smart metres would help limit the rate at which water was being consumed. The minister explained that government had taken the responsibility to supply Batswana with water at a subsidised fee, adding that it had become costly.

He said there was a need to change the rate at which water was being consumed, noting that the country was classified as a semi-desert area. The minister said water could only be increased through recycling, adding that the rainy seasons had changed. He also noted that a lot of water was lost through leakages on pipes.

The minister further stated that government intended to focus on the provision of water and power in the next development plan. He also informed residents that the project design for the Boteti South cluster was complete and that the ministry was only awaiting funds amounting to P200 million.

In addition, Mr Mokaila explained that the Rakops water situation would still continue even if it was under the Department of Water Affairs, noting that Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) was not the cause of the bad water odour smell.

He said a treatment plant project that could help reduce the bad odour on the water was critical and deserved urgent attention. He noted that before the WUC takeover, members of the public used to buy pipes for private connection and that the quality of the pipes was not considered, hence the leakages of pipes leading to wastage of water.

The minister was responding to a report given by the VDC chairperson who expressed concern that there was shortage of water in the village and that it also had a bad odour.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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