Ministry Refurbishes Gaphatshwa Recreational Facilities

| May 29, 2015

Community service day plays a pivotal role in improving lives and developing a sense of volunteerism within the public service, says the Assistant Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Mr Dikgang Makgalemele.

Speaking during the Ministry of State President community service day and launch of youth recreational play grounds in Gaphatshwa, Mr Makgalemele said looking at the benefits of community service day, the day should be expanded to include the private sector and individuals to widen its impact.

The ministry’s employees were at Gaphatshwa to refurbish and paint the youth recreational facilities.

Mr Makgalemele said government ministries had done a lot by not only embracing the initiative of community service day, but have also engaged in community projects that would help change the lives of Batswana for the better.

He cited the State President Ministry which has set aside one day for participation in community projects as a way to revive the spirit of self-reliance. “Over the past four years and a half, government has set aside atleast one day of each month to extend a helping hand to individuals and community groups.

Office of the President has always led by example in engaging in a variety of initiatives that support and strengthen the community at large,” he said. Mr Makgalemele stated that to demonstrate that community service is important the ministry has so far participated in 41 projects since the inception of the initiative.

The projects, he added ranged from constructing gardens, shelter, painting VDC houses, house construction, wheel chair, blankets, clothing donations and of course through the assistance of other stakeholders.

Apart from launching the recreational centre and painting, the assistant minister also donated footballs to the village leadership.

During his welcome remarks, Mr Mmipi Mmipi said the development would go a long way in restraining young persons from engaging in social ills as now most of their time would be spent on activities associated with youth recreational facilities.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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