Ministry Struggles to Keep Artisans

| June 15, 2015

Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and technology is haunted by high staff turnover of artisans.

Responding to questions from the Public Accounts Committee recently, the permanent secretary in the ministry Mr Dikagiso Mokotedi said the ministry faced a challenge of retaining, engineers, architects and quantity surveyors.

He said this might be caused by the unattractive incentives from the public service as compared to those of the private sector.

“We are competing with the private sector for manpower and this has led to mass exodus of engineers in my ministry.”

Mr Mokotedi said the ministry had a total of 3 000 posts and 10 percent of them were vacant.

He however said the ministry continuously engaged with DPSM to motivate them to elevate the position of directorship above that of other government departments.

He noted that they had hoped that the scarce skill incentive would help them to address the issue but it seemed not to be helping. The committee had asked him why the ministry was marred by an outcry of lack of progression when he said there were vacant posts in the ministry.

Mr Mokotedi also said one could not separate progression from competency and that there were posts that were suitable for senior personnel who were experienced in specialised areas.

The MPs further questioned him if the ministry was planning to close down Department of Building and Engineering Services (DBES) due to outsourcing in different ministries.

The permanent secretary said there were no plans to close DBES as they were only outsourcing minor works. He said minor works such as maintenance had been outsourced and DBES did major maintenance.

Mr Mokotedi said the Francistown stadium was almost complete and the handing over of the facility would be done in due course.

He also said the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport would also be completed next month as the contractor was working on the finishing touches.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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