Mmolotsi Addresses Block V Residents

| May 4, 2015

Francistown South MP, Mr Wynter Mmolotsi, has informed residents of Block V in his constituency that parliament has passed the Land Policy that it previously rejected.

Mr Mmolotsi said the policy was passed after being amended following suggestions by the legislators. The Minister of Lands and Housing amended it in such a way that land would be shared fairly and equally among Batswana just like other resources, he said.

He said initially the Land Policy was crafted in such a way that the allocation of land was to be done in quotas that favoured residents of particular areas over other Batswana.

MP Mmolotsi said the parliamentarians felt that if it was to pass the way it was, it meant that in areas where there were diamonds and water, residents of such localities would be given first priority in the utilisation of such resources.

On other issues, MP Mmolotsi informed the residents that the house agreed that the number of members required to register a church should be 150 instead of 250 as proposed by the Minister of Labour and Home Affairs.

Mr Mmolotsi further said the newly introduced Local Government Act provides that councils should appoint Village Development Committee members after they are elected by the community.

In his welcome remarks, Phase IV deputy customary court president, Mr Pogisego Mosarwe raised a concern about the influx of illegal immigrants. He complained that despite warnings against harbouring illegal immigrants some residents continued to engage in the practice.

Mr Mosarwe commended the Botswana Power Corporation for introducing prepaid electricity in the Francistown and he suggested that the Water Utilities Corporation should emulate BPC and introduce prepaid water.

Ward Development Committee secretary, Ms Elizabeth Morebodi noted that lack of garbage bins for some households contributed to the illicit dumping of waste.

She commended the contractor engaged in the collection for its good work and she assured the residents that her committee would continue to ask for garbage bins from companies in order to allocate to some households.

A resident, Mr Joy Ntibi complained that the Land Policy would deny Batswana an opportunity to have one residential plot in a rural area and one in an urban area. He also expressed fear that applicants who have been in the waiting lists for a long time are likely to forfeit opportunities of been given plots.

In response, Mr Mmolotsi said previously, the citizens were allowed to have one plot in an urban area and one in the rural area but with the new policy a resident is allowed only one residential plot.

He said applicants in the waiting lists would not be denied opportunity because the system would indicate whether the applicant has another plot elsewhere. Mr Mmolotsi said he was hopeful that the delay in the payment of temporary teachers would be dealt with because the Ministry of Education and Skills Development got the lion’s share in the 201516 national budget.

He said he was suspicious that some of the delays were due to depleted funds in some votes.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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